Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Dad Died

I was a Daddy's girl when I was little. I remember visiting my grandmother one time and she noticed me looking at my dad. She said to him, "She smiles every time she looks at you!" And it was true. Dad was my hero. I thought he could do anything and I loved him so much. He was my safe place. Of course, as I grew into a teenager, my relationship with my dad changed. I suddenly thought I knew so much more than he did. I suddenly started resenting the choices he'd made, as if I had any right. I left home and, for reasons I will never understand, my relationship with him became hard. I became nervous when I thought about calling home. I still loved him but I was worried that phone calls would be weird. Maybe it was because we never really told each other that we loved each other and I was anticipating the awkward good-byes. But in time, as I matured, that strangeness went away.

That's all I've got for now....