Monday, March 9, 2009

Lisa, it's your birthday! Happy Birthday, Lisa!

I survived. I think we all knew I would. Anyway, it's good to be home. I'll be going to my first WW meeting in a month this Wednesday. Yeah, I could have gone in Halifax...but I didn't. So, we'll see.

And yes, it actually is my birthday today. I've been telling everyone that I'm turning 39 when, as my husband pointed out yesterday, I'm actually turning 38! Score! And I've got the Happy Birthday, Lisa song from the Simpson's stuck in my head. It happens every year. Ever since I saw the episode of the Simpson's where Bart collaborates with "Michael Jackson" (actually it was some guy that either thought he was the real MJ or he just happened to have MJ's name...) I've heard that song in my head on my birthday all. day. long.

I wonder if this happens to all Lisas?


Juice said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!! Glad to have you back in blogland. I want to hear more about your trip.

Here's hoping 38 is a year full of losing (ha ha!).

Weza said...

Yep It happens to me!