Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

What a blow out! And I'm not talking about the game, ladies and gents!

We had a little party at our place yesterday. Just the four of was fun! My husband made some delicious ribs and (deep fried) chicken wings. And Bones decided we needed a cake so I got one of those. And we couldn't have a party without beer and snacks! No, siree! I made a small effort and cut up some veggies and put them out with some light dip...for the girls. *blush* I didn't have any of the veggies (unless you count the fries...yeah, we made fries too!). I ate WAY too much. I was feeling sick by the time I went to bed and acid reflux was kicking in. YUCK!

The day before wasn't much better, either. My husband took me on a date! We went OUT to a movie...that's a pretty big deal around here. We don't get out a lot! So of course, because I'm an all or nothing kind of gal, knowing that it was a "special" day put me in a celebratory mindset and I ended up eating crap for a good part of the day. Yay.

The good news was two days, not two weeks. I started out today with some fruit. Then for a snack I had some of those cut veggies with that light dip. It's almost lunch time and I think I may make an egg-white omelet or have some tuna or something. I plan on eating super healthy and maybe just a bit below my normal points range to compensate for the weekend.

Chili is on the menu for dinner tonight.

I'm working evenings so that will be an added challenge...but I'm going to walk the stairs for a bit and get some APs in there tonight and tomorrow too.

I feel good. I feel in control.

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Juice said...

Whew! Sounds like you had fun. I like splurging a little on the weekends. usually it is easier to be in control during the week. I look forward to hear how you overcome your evening-work challenge (are you a nurse?). Pack lots of low or zero point nibbles so you won't be tempted! Even with a wild weekend you can still have a loss this week!