Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are YOU going to do it?

I was reading some other weight loss blogs last night. There are a lot of them! Some people are just starting out, some have already met their goals. Some only journal their food, some their exercise and some write about their day to day life - that just happens to include a weight loss component. Some started for accountability, some started simply to record and some started in the hopes of helping others. There are a lot of them.

I wish that the writer of every blog I've ever read was guaranteed to meet and maintain their weight loss goals. That would be awesome! But the reality is, most of them won't. That may include me. I might be one of the people who, despite my best efforts, will not succeed in losing weight and keeping it off. I mean, the statistics say that 95% percent of people who lose weight will NOT keep it off. Yikes! It's almost like winning the lottery (okay...a small one!), isn't it? And I've never been very lucky.

So how does one keep plugging away in the face of almost certain failure? If I really believe that only 5% of us will achieve and maintain our goals...well...why do I think that will include me? Should I just give up? Focus on accepting myself the way I am? Save myself a few dollars by not continuing my WW membership? Obviously, the answer to those questions is no.

The thing is, I have to believe that I'm ultimately going to succeed. I have to believe that while I may have set backs, I will succeed because I'm changing my whole life. I'm changing the way I look at food and I'm changing the way I look at exercise. I realize now that this is not an all-or-nothing venture that's not worth doing unless I can do it perfectly. I believe that with time and patience and hard work I will be one hundred pounds lighter than I was when I started. I really believe it. I know that all the "research" I've done on how to lose weight (I have read every book, you know!) and all the work I'm doing now to overcome this perfectionist attitude to weight loss along with a little dose of tough love are going to pay off.

So, I am going to be in that 5%. Will I see you at the finish line?

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Erin said...

"I might be one of the people who, despite my best efforts, will not succeed in losing weight and keeping it off." Are you really giving it your "best effort"? Binging on Super Bowl Sunday, not exercising for a week or more at a time, etc. - is that really your best effort? I'm not trying to chastise you - I'm just trying to hold you accountable for the words you use. (and I'm trying to do this for myself too). The words we use shape how we think about and later remember situations. Maybe the people who succeed are the ones who put forth "more" effort - who cheat less frequently on their diets and cheat with healthier food, who work out more often, etc. We can't act like weight loss is like the lottery - will I be the one who is successful? You have control over it, and when you use language on your blog, in your conversations, and in your head that minimize that control and power that you DO have, it makes it easier to eat poorly and not exercise because you already have your excuse ready - you gave it your "best effort," and you just didn't win the lottery.