Thursday, January 29, 2009

About yesterday

So, I was down .8 yesterday. And I shouldn't complain about that...if I'm being honest I really didn't follow the plan. But I have to admit, when Janet said "Good, you're down .8." I almost collapsed into a puddle of tears. I was feeling pretty defeated yesterday, truth be known. I didn't participate during the meeting. I just sulked. And every once in awhile the reasonable person that lives inside of me would pipe up and say something meant to be comforting and uplifting and I'd shoot her down. Miserable.

But that's not really going to get me anywhere, is it?

Yeah, I'd be doing better if I was following all the rules all the time. But I'd be doing worse if I wasn't following any rules at all. Yeah, I'd love for this weight to be coming off faster but the fact is, if I continue to lose weight at the pace I am (if I'm lucky...a pound a week) I'll be down another 52 pounds by this time next year. 52 pounds!! Add that to what I've already lost and we're talking about more than 70 pounds!!

Compare that to what I'll weigh in a year if I do nothing...

That .8 loss put me at 14 pounds lost at WW. For a grand total of 20 pounds. I'm finding it really hard to get excited about this even though I KNOW what 20 pounds feels like (I picked up four 5-pound bags of carrots at the grocery's a lot!) and I KNOW my clothes feel better and I have more energy and I KNOW I'm moving in the right direction! In fact, as of yesterday's weigh in...

I'm two tenths of the way to my BIG goal! That's great, right?! I'm officially working on a new set of pounds... ;-)

I'm trying to convince myself. I really am.


Juice said...

Hey - a loss is a loss. Don't beat yourself up! And congrats! You are almost at 20% of your goal!!!!! That is amazing!!!! I often find that a week with a small loss is followed by a week with a bigger loss. Almost like my body needs to play catch up. Keep focused and you'll really have something to smile about next week. You are doing awesome. I can't wait until you are at 25% of goal. Woo hoo!

PS I also have sulked through a meeting. Not pretty, but we've all been there. ;)

tejanamama said...

Why so down about the loss and where you are? YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS. Your body is still adjusting, regardless of how well you are doing. If you know you aren't doing well....make that a goal for this week. Do better. You are doing AWESOME. no one is perfect. KEEP CHUGGIN!