Friday, December 5, 2008

Sometimes it's not as bad as you think

Tracking your food/points is a big part of WW. It's important to track. It helps keep you on the right path. But even when you're not exactly on the right track, journalling your food intake is important. It's important so that you can look back and see where you went wrong so that you can plan and prepare so that it doesn't happen again. So that when you don't see the numbers you want at weigh-in, you know why.

But here's another reason to do it.

Sometimes it's not as bad you think. For the past couple of days I haven't been keeping track of my food. I haven't been keeping track in my journal, that is. I've been keeping track in my head. Now, granted, I've been known to forget eating entire meals...but I don't think I have this time. But I do remember eating jelly beans ( a lot of them ) and gingerbread ( I made gingerbread men from a kit with the girls today...why, oh why, didn't I check the points value of those evil suckers before we made them??) and pizza. It sounds bad, doesn't it? And I'll admit it wasn't great. But I'm only over for the two days by 5 points. I still may want a snack later on (the plan is popcorn) so I'll be using a few more Flex Points. But if you'd have asked me to guess, I would have told you that I was about 20 points into my Flex. And I was feeling the same old feelings of failure. And I wasn't planning on counting. I was planning on throwing caution to the wind and eating even more! But I made a commitment this time to keep at it, no matter what. So, I decided to count. And now that I know it wasn't so bad, that I haven't done any damage, I'm able to stay on track. It's all head games with me. But it is what it is.

I don't know if any of this makes sense. It makes sense to me. But I'm tired and the middle of a stupid I may not be making tons of sense.

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