Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My first gain

And I can live with it. Mainly because I don't even have to change my pounds lost/pounds to go thingy.

Up .2

Now it's a fresh start with a whole new Weight Watchers program. Momentum, they call it. I love it when things are fresh and new and we got some fresh new materials tonight. Not much has changed...but I'm all about a clean slate. And this time, there was only a gain of .2 before the slate was wiped instead of a gain of 35.

I also bought a new workout dvd. Fresh and new.

So. I'm making gains all around, wouldn't you say?


1 comment:

Juice said...

Wow - you were expecting a gain and yet you were only up .2!!!! That's almost the same! Good for you and keep it up - you are REALLY doing great!!!!