Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From work

I don’t have high hopes for tomorrow’s WI. I know, I say that every week! I mean it every week, too. But this week for sure, I’m not expecting anything. I had the food frenzy days right in the middle of the week (the WW week, that is…), I’ve only worked out twice this week and I’m sick. I don’t really know what being sick has to do with it. I just know it makes me feel crappy and fat! I suppose if I work out tomorrow that’ll be three days this week, which is not horrible. It’s not the five days of exercise that I had planned but it’s more than I used to get.

Am I really going to feel like working out tomorrow, though? I’ll likely still be sick. And I’m coming off an evening shift. Conditions are not exactly conducive to an early workout. We’ll see. I’d love to use the fact that I’m sick as an excuse to let it slide but I’ve heard that exercise can actually boost immunity, even in the short term. In fact, I just read this on “During moderate exercise immune cells circulate through the body more quickly, and are better able to kill bacteria and viruses.” The benefits of exercise on the immune system increase when exercise is regular over a long period of time. So…want the cold to hurry up and go away? Do some moderate exercise.


Vickie said...

I hope you have a good WI. When I am in a bad mood or sad, I don't feel like exercising. But I am always in a bad mood because of my weight. Such an ugly cycle.

I am sorry for your family issues. I wish for better days for you.

Take Care.

Jessica said...

I'm sad for you that you have so much to deal with. Be honest with your feelings. They may not be what this person wants to hear, but you are entitled to those feelings. Hang in there. Better days will come.

Juice said...

Oh Lisa, my heart hurts for you. You have had a lot of family heartache! I pray that you will get some peace about the situation. Not sure if your workplace has an employee assistance program, but you my find it helpful to talk with a professional just to sort through your feelings. (Perhaps you've already done that...)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing good things from your weigh in! Hope you are feeling better soon.