Friday, November 7, 2008

Well, what do you know?

So, I decided to get on the scale today. Face the music. Be accountable. All that jazz. I talked it over with my husband and I told him that I was afraid to get on the scale because when I saw that I had gained weight, it would throw me into a tailspin (mainly because I'm already emotional due to PMS) and it wouldn't help anything. And he suggested that I probably needed to learn some new coping skills and it might be a good idea to get weighed and see if I could start to figure it out. I agreed. I made sure that I was wearing my lightest clothing (my weigh-in clothes!) and off I went. I stepped on the scale and waited.

"You're down 2.8." the receptionist said.

WHAT???? Down 2.8? Are you serious? Alright...I'll take it. But I assure you, after the few days I've had, I don't deserve it. I have some theories. Last week I was only down .8 and I think maybe I was retaining water. So some of this is actually weight that I lost the previous week. And, this is going to catch up with me next week! Especially since I weighed in late this week and my regular meeting is on Wednesday. That's only 5 days. But, I'm hoping I'll be more emotionally equipped to deal with any less than stellar results then!

So. I'm more than one tenth of the way there. Imagine that.



Juice said...

Way to go!!!!!!! That is awesome.

And whether the scale went up or down, I'm proud of you for facing the music. Keep plugging away and next Wednesday will take care of itself.

Fat Jeans said...

You go girl!!! That's great. I love it when you expect a bad result and get a good one! Congrats on a good week.

Kelly said...

This is great news! You deserve every bit of the 2.8 pounds this week!