Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weight Watchers Workout

So when I joined WW 4 weeks ago, I bought the deluxe member kit that comes with some books, a 3 month tracker, some coupons and a dvd. The DVD is called "Start Getting Healthy" and it has three sections. Eat Well, Move Smart and Work Out. I haven't watched the first two sections yet, but I decided to do the workout today. It's a 30 minute, medium intensity workout (although if you added extra hand weights and made bigger movements it could easily be more of a med/high workout) and since I just had to follow along there was not a lot of thinking involved! That's a good thing when I'm coming off evening shift.

I liked it. It was 3 circuit workouts, meaning that you start off with one movement and then add others to it and by the end of the circuit you're doing sort of a short routine. It almost feels like dancing, in a way. I guess they're about 10 minutes each plus a short warm up and cool down.

I calculated my APs and it was right on the line between two and three. I think I'm supposed to count it as two when that happens but as a reward to myself for 1) working out, 2) working out with the girls (literally at some points) hanging off my legs and 3)working out two days in a row, I'm going to count it as three.

I'm a rebel like that. ;-)

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