Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weigh in

Unexplainably down 3.2 at WW tonight.

And I think I pulled a muscle in my stomach doing Wii Boxing. I feel kind of pathetic even typing that. :-)

It's 10:20 and I just sat down. And now I have to go and figure out the points for the lasagna that I just made.



~Emily~ said...

Congrats on your weight loss!!
I played that game and the next day my arms hurt. I didn't realize I was moving (or not) that much!! It's fun though!

Kelly said...

That is so great! My arms were sore after Wii boxing - I completely understand!

Way to go!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Juice said...

Yay! What an awesome loss!!! Keep it up - you are on the right track. Congrats. :)

Anonymous said...

I 'm so proud of you!

Love you