Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Numbers games

I'm down .8 this week for a total at WW of 8.2. My mini goal for next week is to make it to 10 WW lbs. (for a total of 16).

If I make that goal, I'll only be .8 away from dropping a WW point (for anyone reading this that isn't familiar with WW, that means that I will have dropped into the next lowest ten - e.g. from the 190s to the 180s...I wish!).

According to my own bathroom scale, I'm already there. According to my own bathroom scale the total amount of weight that I've lost so far is already 17 lbs. Obviously, I like that number the best ;-) However, I'm trying not to weigh myself at home because if I fall into that trap...well, let's just say these numbers games that I play with myself have the potential to ruin all of my hard work.

So. Here's what I'm going to do. I know what my highest ever weight is. And I know what WW says I weigh now. And those are the numbers I'll be using. My bathroom scale will catch up soon enough :-)

Numbers games. See what I mean?



Christine said...

oh, good luck with your goal to lose all the weight, I'm sure a blog will help to keep you on track. It's a worthwhile goal, if only for health reasons.

Miss JC said...

Hey! I'm Johnna, and I found you on OSB. I am on a journey much like the one you are on. I'm doing WW online and LOVING it!

Juice said...

I can totally relate with the numbers thing. That's why I got rid of my scale. I just rely on WW weigh in for the number. Of course, when I'm at a friend's house if there is a scale in the bathroom I can't resist it! ha ha

Fat Jeans said...

Congrats on the weight loss this week! You can do it!