Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just so you know

Yesterday went well. Really well. I struggled all stinkin' day long but I didn't give in and ended up within points and with 40 minutes on the treadmill for the day.

Oh yeah.


Aimee said...

AWESOME!!! Now, DO NOT go read my blog about how i DIDN'T work out yesterday lol.

Jessica said...

Way to go! I'm so proud of you for not beating yourself up over the last few days. Remember the feelings of today and carry them over to tomorrow.

Coco said...

You can totally do this. Really you can. I have heard Weight Watchers is a miracle. Stick with it and don't beat yourself up.

Tomorrow is another day. One day you will be running a half marathon too!!

and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Juice said...

Way to get right back on track. One bad day does not make you a bad person. One poster at our WW center says something about all actions come from positive intentions. You were self medicating the other day the only way you know how. You WILL learn new coping mechanisms. It is a process and it takes time. You can't expect yourself to be Miss Perfect WW instantly. Be gentle with yourself.

You didn't get pissed off at your kids when they fell while learning to walk. Cut yourself the same slack!