Sunday, November 23, 2008

Can I do it?

My mini goal is to make it to 10 lbs this week at WW. That means I'd like to lose 1.8 lbs this week. Totally doable, right? Here's the thing, I've been tracking everything I've been eating and I'm over a bit so far this week. I've used all my FPs. I'm having a hard time drinking my water, getting in my fruits and veggies and making time to exercise. I start the day eating carbs (toast or cereal) without including a fruit in there. My snacks tend to be crackers, cereal bars or WW 1 or 2 point bars instead of raw veggies and fruit (or even lean protein).

I believe this is setting me up to fail. I'm a carb junkie and I would eat nothing but carbs if I had my way. I have to change that. Eating a diet that consists mostly of carbs (even the good ones!) is not a healthy balanced diet. It doesn't provide all of the nutrients that I need to remain healthy. I need to be healthy.

I'll admit, I'm partially doing this for the sake of vanity. I mean, let's face it, who doesn't want to look good? But the fact is, if it were just about looking good...if that were enough...I'd have done this a long time ago. Looking good isn't enough of a motivator for me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm in a fight for my life here. I really believe that. Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, gallbladder disease, breathing problems, arthritis and on and on and on. And the more overweight you are, the more likely you are to experience one or more of the above. I'm only 37 and I'm already seeing the ill effects of being fat. At the rate I'm going, I may not make it to see my girls graduate from high school, get married or have babies of their own. I'll pass my deathly dangerous habits on to them and they will also die early deaths. This is practically guaranteed if I don't do something about the state of my health.

So. Can I do this? You bet I can. I have to.


MizFit said...

You bet I can.


If I could nag'courage you to do one thing today it would be to write that phrase everywhere.
so all around you everywhere you look it reads YOU BET I CAN.

as a reminder.
conscious and subconscious.

Juice said...

You can and you will! Your reasons are totally valid. Have you ever read the book Diabesity? It discussed the Diabetes epidemic and provides some pretty shocking information. Might be worth reading for extra motivation to stay on the healthy track.