Sunday, October 12, 2008

Success Story

I've been having a difficult time lately. My life is not turning out as I thought it would. But as an exercise in positive thinking, I'm going to write my success story (a short version).

Cue wavy blur and dream sequence music.

Hi. My name is Lisa. I joined Weight Watchers for the last time in October 2008. It was Thanksgiving weekend, actually. I was at my all time highest weight, my relationship with my husband was strained, I didn't have the energy to look after my house or play with my kids. My work was suffering too. I was miserable. I felt that joining anything would be a waste of time and money but at the same time I knew I needed help. So, at the urging of my husband, I decided to keep trying and I joined WW. The difference this time was that I knew that it wasn't going to be smooth sailing all the time. The difference this time was that I knew that my very life was at stake. The difference this time was that I decided that no matter what I would never give up. Never. Give. Up.

I lost the first 20 pounds pretty quickly but then my weight loss evened out to a pretty steady two pounds per week. By the time my high school reunion came around late the following summer, I'd lost 80 pounds. I went to my reunion feeling beautiful and confident.

I noticed that people (both coworkers and the public) started taking me more seriously at work, too. I was offered my dream job that fall. It meant more money and more flexible hours. I love being able to tailor my schedule to make more time for my family and myself.

Most importantly, my relationship with my husband has never been better. We've reclaimed our energy and our zest for life. Our favourite thing to do these days is to relax in the hot tub with a glass of wine after a long day of playing outside with our girls.

I want to tell everyone that if I can do it, you can do it. I know the desperation that comes after years of trying and failing but the truth is you will succeed if you simply never give up.


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