Thursday, October 30, 2008

.8 down

I was feeling down because it wasn't enough but I gave myself a stern talking to on the way home (literally...I hope people in the other vehicles didn't notice!) . I've lost three pounds in the two weeks that I've been in WW and I've lost 9 pounds in total. That's almost 10 pounds! That's only 1 pound away from being one tenth of the way to my goal! That's GREAT!!!

And if I keep saying it, maybe my incredibly stubborn brain will start to believe it!

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Jessica said...

Woohoo for you! I'm so proud of you. You can do this. You already are and you're already making progress. Just keep doing what you're doing and remember to take it easy on yourself. If you slip up, then just get right back on that horse. Start from where you are and move forward. Keep up the wonderful work.