Thursday, October 2, 2008

3 days in a row

Yesterday I walked for 35 minutes on my dinner break at work.

Today, I did my lower body/ab workout.

I ate like crap, but meh! I'm so tired today (worked evenings and Bonsie had school this morning...) and I ALWAYS make bad choices when I'm this tired.

Saw my doctor today. He said the stomach cramps I've been having (that have been tapering off, actually) are likely the result of stopping Celexa. I'm to monitor the symptoms for awhile. He also explained that the sudden soreness in my knees is also probably due to stopping Celexa. It is a drug that is sometimes used for people with fibromyalgia so it does have some pain relief/anti-inflammatory properties (I guess??). Anyhow, I'm my knees are going to hurt. And now I don't have the Celexa to help with the pain. I'll live. That's just another motivator for me to lose weight.

Time to put Berio to bed!

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