Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2.2 pounds

That's how much I lost my first week back at WW. That puts me at 8 down, 92 to go altogether.

I have to say, I was expecting a much bigger loss. Usually that's the case on your first weigh in, no? But I'm going to take it. I'll tell you why...before I would have dwelled on the fact that it was "just" two pounds. I would have gotten frustrated with the fact that I had worked so hard, and for what? A measly two pounds! I would have stopped at the nearest fast food burger joint on the way home and would have tried my damnedest to undo what I had accomplished. I wouldn't have let myself celebrate the victory of losing those two pounds.

But guess what? That was me two pounds ago. The new me, the lighter me, realizes that every victory - whether it has to do with the scale or not - is a reason to celebrate! This two-pound-lighter version of me is not listening to that ridiculous negative voice in my head.

Instead, I'm feeling pretty stoked by the fact that I'm down two pounds! I'm thrilled by the fact that my WW leader is great! I love she said, "When things aren't going your way, you can be miserable or you can be motivated!" That right there is WW gold, people. Gold. I'm loving that I haven't felt like I was starving at any point this week because I'm filling myself up with fresh fruits and vegetables and because I'm drinking my water. This is doable.

My biggest hurdle is my head. And knowing that is the biggest part of this battle.


Jessica said...

WOOHOOO! Way to go girl! I am so proud of you. Two pounds is two less to reach your goal. They all add up no matter how small or how big. Keep up the tremendous work! Again, I'm very proud of you.

Juice said...

I can totally relate to you! I lost 2.2 my first week at WW. The second week was 3.8 (woo!) but then the third week was only .4! You're doing a great job of keeping perspective. Love that the uniform is feeling a little less snug!