Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why do I need to be in better shape, again?

We went to my hometown this weekend for my grandmother's burial. We got there Friday afternoon, checked into the hotel and then headed over to Dad's for dinner. Afterwards we all went outside and the kids started playing. Berio was playing hide and seek with her big boy cousins. I was keeping a close eye on her, she is only two after all, but I wasn't within grabbing distance - that would have given away her hiding place. Suddenly, she turned from the yard and bolted for the road. Now, my Dad lives in a small town on a quiet street, but even still when your two year old is running for the road something happens to you. I started running after her (no easy feat for someone of my size) and as I was running towards her I saw cars coming down the street from both sides! I screamed, "STOP!!!!" and kept running after her...she's fast! Luckily, all oncoming traffic saw her and stopped with plenty of room to spare. She was giggling away (GIGGLING!!) until I grabbed her, spun her around and yelled, "Don't you EVER run on the road again! When I tell you to stop, YOU STOP!!" I don't think that would have fazed her much, actually, except for the fact that somewhere in the middle of all this I began to dissolve into a crying mess which scared the crap out of her! Good!

My husband was right behind me and he yelled at her then the poor thing was crying hard - snot and tears and hitched breath, the whole nine yards.

For the rest of the day I replayed that scene in my head over and over, thinking about what could have happened. It makes me want to throw up. If I were lighter and healthier, I would have caught her sooner. I know, I know...nothing happened to her. But still, the FACT is, if I were lighter and healthier, I would have caught her sooner.

My knees are still sore from the beating they took in that short run across the yard.

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