Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Girl

My sister's wedding was beautiful. Bonsie was the most perfect flower girl I've ever seen. She's four and her day started with a hair appointment at 10:00 am and she didn't stop until 10:30 that night, which was when I was finally able to tear her away from the reception! She handled it all like a champ. I'm so proud.

My husband and youngest daughter weren't able to make it. That made me really, really sad. But I'm trying to see it as a blessing in disguise. Because it was just the two of us, I was able to devote my full attention to Bonsie and to making sure that she was fed and well hydrated all day long, that she had sun block and bug spray on (outdoor wedding), and that she knew exactly what was coming next. We really made the best of it. We had a great time together.

Everyone commented on how beautiful and well behaved she was. Again, I'm so proud. And I'm very lucky!

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Jessica said...

I understand how you felt. It must have been such a special day for you and your daughter on another level. I'm glad you both had fun.