Friday, July 18, 2008

Heading home

I'm going to my hometown today. My youngest sister is getting married and her bridal shower is tonight. I'm so excited for her but of course, in my mind, I've managed to make it all about me. Everyone is going to be looking at me. Everyone is going to be talking about me. For ages after tonight, everyone at the shower will be consumed with the memory of how fat I've gotten.

C'mon, Lisa. Get a grip.

Yes...people will likely notice that I've put on weight. But so what? If they're the kind of people that would snicker behind my back about it, who needs them? And if they're the kind of people who would spend any more than 5 seconds thinking about this, then they are the ones that are sad.

Fat is not who I am, it's just something that I happen to have more of than I used to. Deep breath.

And on a funny note, just because it makes it makes me smile...yesterday Bonsie and I were swimming. Well, she was doing a pretty shaky dog paddle and I was trying to make sure she didn't drown, and I said, "Sweetie, take your time. We're in here to practice not to race!" To which she replied, "I am practicing mom...I'm practicing WINNING!"

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Jessica said...

It's those nasty little mean people swimming around in your head that is telling you those things. It's hard to shut them up and sometimes they only way to do it is with food. I totally relate.