Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That can't be right.

So, I spent four days learning/relearning/practicing self-defense techniques. I have to admit, I didn't eat exactly the way I planned. I missed most of my snacks (no time), had Wendy's for lunch (not the salad!) and got dessert with room service. But I was burning a lot of energy...we started at 7:30 every morning and went until 4:30 every afternoon. We had frequent water breaks but no time for snacks. And we had an hour for lunch. I expected to be down a good five pounds since the last time I weighed myself.

I came home and felt like I was retaining some water. My (newly tightened) belt was a little tight when I went to work on Saturday and my hands just looked swollen. But I got on the scale anyway. And I was down only 3 pounds instead of 7. Argh! To top it off, AF came yesterday. So, really, I had no business being on the scale on Saturday morning. No business at all.

I'm not changing a darn thing on my ticker.


Jessica said...

Water weight is a PITA as is AF! I say, don't change it either.

K said...

LMAO at being beholden to the ticker. I hate AF. I am expecting her right now. I had to trick myself into thinking I had dessert by drinking TWO cups of coffee with sugar in them today after a big ass lunch. I have such an appetite. And, it turns out my daughter is taking after me in the appetite department. It really makes me crestfallen. I can only model exercise AND eating, since I can't stop eating.