Friday, March 21, 2008

YOU on a Diet - Day 2

There's a two week plan in this book that's supposed to help you develop automatic eating. That is, eating using your body as a guide. You know, eat when your actually hungry, eating things your body actually needs...that kind of thing. That's not to say that I'll magically not crave Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs after this two weeks is up! But I guess I'll be more able to see the difference between something I WANT to eat and something my body NEEDS to function optimally. The two are sure to be very different things!

For instance, some of the things I WANT to eat:

Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs - these things are the devil!
Caramilk bars - how DO they get the caramel inside??
Poutine - they're fries with melted cheese curds and gravy and they're GOOOOD! But obviously, REALLY bad!
My mother in law's cabbage rolls - she makes them pretty lean but it doesn't matter how lean they are when you're eating 6 in one sitting.
Perogies - but only if they're smothered in sour cream!
Cool Ranch Doritos!
Pasta Carbonara. Oh my.

Now, indulging in some of this stuff once in awhile wouldn't be so bad. I know that. But I could go for long stretches of time when those were the only things I was eating. Not good. Not good at all. Throw a couple of fast food burgers in there and maybe some ice cream and you've pretty much got my menu for the week any time my husband went out of town for work.

Here's the kicker. I have kids. And there is no way in hell I'd let them eat like that for a day, never mind a week! So, while I'm sneaking around eating chocolate and doritos, I'm also taking the time to make sure that the girls have well balanced, healthy meals and snacks.

Is there something wrong with this picture? Clearly.


Jessica said...


mollyfp123 said...

I love chocolate.

Anyway, wanted to suggest something. My aunt and uncle paid through the nose for NutraSys. I took a look at their meals and said, "hey, since this reminds me of those frozen dinners at the store, I'm just going to eat those when I want to lose weight."

So I have, and it works. The South Beach ones tend to be good. I eat a piece of fruit and a protein bar for breakfast, frozen dinners for lunch & dinner. Total calories: 1,000. Plenty of room left over in the 1800 cal/day plan for chocolate. :)

Lisa said...

Thank you for the suggestion, Molly! My dh was going to try the Nutri System plan too, but then he read that the food wasn't all that tasty and you still have to add your own fresh produce and dairy and some other stuff.

But, yes, some of the frozen meals out there are pretty tasty! I like the Lean Cuisine Meat Lasagna one. Mmmm.

Elisa said...

lol - i do let my girls eat chocolate and doritos! Bad mommy here I guess. :(

Lisa said...

Oh, the girls love chocolate and doritos just as much as the next person! I just wouldn't give that to them for dinner! I have had just that for dinner on more than one occasion, though and that's what I meant about feeding them differently than I feed myself :-)