Monday, March 24, 2008

Yay! for me :-)

Easter dinner was a pretty big success, if I do say so myself. As planned, I had a few nuts and some water just before we left home. By the time it was time to eat I was still feeling in control. I had some sauerkraut, ham, one cabbage roll and a few sauerkraut perogies (they're my favourite!). My in-laws are Polish and they can cook! They'd also made turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, potato salad and a garden salad but I didn't have any of that. Then for dessert, a black forest cake AND and assortment of sweet breads. My MIL cut the biggest piece of cake for Bonsie. I gave some of that to Berio too and there was STILL some left, so I finished it off. I was actually planning on having a whole piece of cake myself but I didn't need to after sharing one with the girls.

I was pretty satisfied with how things went. But, even before we got home I was feeling yucky and shaky and moody and I'm pretty sure it was from the CAKE! It's funny because I'd actually read something recently that described this exact feeling as sugar withdrawal. And I do have blood sugar issues, so I am familiar with this feeling. It was definitely the cake. I will be keeping that in mind the next time I have the cake-or-no-cake choice to make.

I would also like to add that at no time did I feel like I was missing out on anything or like I was depriving myself of the whole Easter dinner experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the food that I did have and was neither still hungry nor overly full at the end of the meal.

It's also worth noting that while I would normally feel like I'd screwed the whole day up by eating some cake and would have proceeded to eat half of the girls' Easter treats, last night when I was feeling a little 'snacky' I ate some edamame beans. They are a recent discovery of mine and I love them!

So...a success and a learning experience all in one.

P.S. In addition to the success above, when we got home from dinner instead of coming in the house I put the girls in their wagon and took them for a walk around the block.

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mollyfp123 said...


Did you see the show on TLC "I can make you thin" ?? I did. Originally I planned to watch it to see what kind of quackery they were planning to show on tv, but it ended up being a really good show. It involves tapping with your fingers on certain parts of the body - I think he said acupuncture points. It worked! Usually I want to snack at night but I had no desire to eat any junk food. It was great. I do recommend the show. :)