Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Plan for Today

So..back to the topic at hand. We're going to my mother in law's house for Easter dinner today. She's a wonderful cook and every time we have a family dinner at her place she goes WAY overboard. There's enough food there to feed several families for several days. I'm practically not even exaggerating there. Anyway, in order to make it through the meal without feeling like I've completely blown it, I've come up with a plan. Instead of not eating all day and going over there starving, I'm going to eat normally all day. I had a small breakfast, a veggie burger on whole wheat english muffin for lunch and now I'm noshing on snap peas (I love these things!). I'll have a bottle of water and a handful of nuts on my way out the door and when we get there, I'll eat only what I REALLY want. I won't just load up my plate with whatever is there. I'll be discriminating and chose the things that I really enjoy. I won't go back for seconds just for the sake of it. I'll try to focus on family instead of food.

So that's the plan. The fact that I started any kind of diet just a few days before Easter is a victory of sorts to begin with. Usually, I'd say, "Well, Easter is coming...I might as well wait until that's over with before I try anything new. I'm just setting myself up for failure if I try to start a diet with a big family dinner on the horizon. Not to mention the chocolate bunnies!" But, even though I say diet, I'm really just trying to change some bad what difference does it make when I start?

I'll let you know how it works out for me!

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K said...

You are amazing, great plan! How did it go?