Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pizza Pizza

Normal people order pizza once in awhile, right? And wings?

We ordered in tonight. I had three slices of a medium Multigrain Mediterranean Vegetarian pizza. And I had six lightly breaded chicken wings. Get this...the two items I just mentioned are pretty close in terms of total calories but the fat in the chicken wings (40 grams!!!) is more than twice that in the three slices of pizza!! Is that crazy or what? That's more fat than I should be eating in a whole day, I'm pretty sure. And that was in six measly little wings. Okay, so they were good. But were they worth not fitting into my clothes? Not so much.

Lesson learned. Next time, have the pizza and skip the wings.

Even with the pizza and the wings I'm still pretty much on target for the day in terms of caloric intake.


prettybabies on bbc said...

actually I've come to realize that fat is good for us. and that is how I have lost 20 lbs...lol its called adkins and alot of people are misinformed or not informed at all about how eating fat without carbs can burn all our fat into enery! So go ahead and have those wings and skip the pizza...lol

Lisa said...

You make a good point...but they were BREADED wings. So a no no anyway you look at it!