Monday, March 17, 2008

How embarrassing!

I have to admit, I'm a little embarrassed by that last post. I'll leave it for now. But it's very likely it won't be around forever!

Anyway......I was just going to say Happy St. Patrick's day, but according to Google, the Catholic Church moved St. Patrick's Day to March 15 because it conflicted with Holy Week. Maybe this is common knowledge. But I didn't know about it until about 30 seconds ago!

Well, enjoy your day anyway!

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Ethan & Alisa said...

Hey Lisa, I came across your Blog on BabyCenter.
I have also struggled with my weight for YEARS... I enjoyed reading back a few weeks and see What Motivates you, and What you 'reasons' for being "fat" were. GOSH... i could have Almost wrote the "Reasons" list myself. I dont have 100 to loose, but i could stand a Good 50~75 pounds Loss. I am 5 foot 8 and 215~220 pounds. (size 18)... i have Never in my Memory been Under a 16 ... EVER... and with a DDD Breast... i always was told "Your Big Boned" and "Your Tall"... BS!!! GOSH! I just wish i could be "normal too"......... Anyways... I will keep up with your blog and i hope it will give me inspiration to keep chugging along...
Oh...You asked what other people have for breakfast... I have a Big Bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats and 2 Big Cups of Coffee w. Creamer... and Maybe a Biscotti Treat...LMAO!!!