Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fair Warning

I know right now it seems like there's not a lot of progress being made here. I haven't updated my little turtle fellow for a couple of weeks, but I don't think he's moved much anyway. But I'll tell you something, losing 100 pounds is a pretty big deal so you're going to want to stick around to see this :-)

I am not giving up this time. I will do this. You don't know me very well but I can tell you this, the person inside me is not a fat, tired, depressed, stupid, slob. Nope. The person inside is awesome. She's smart and funny and fun to be around. And she's really, really nice. People really like her. And she likes to bike and go for walks in the evening. And even though she's getting older (37 in 8 days!), she can still turn heads. Right now she's stuck. But not for long.

You're going to want to stick around to see this.

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Mama2dapperboyJ said...


You are doing great just taking the first step towards a healthier life! I, too, am a former athletic girl trapped in a not-so-fit body. Oh... just so you know I'm not some lunatic stalker... I found the link to your blog by lurking on the Bargain hunters board on BBC. I was reading the thread about the Michael Moore movie and just LOVED your avatar (cracked me up). So, I thought... hmmm, funny avatar... let's see who she is. And now, here I am commenting on your blog.

So. I find it wonderful that you are ready and have started your journey back to the athletic person you once were. I saw that you mentioned not following any strict diet, per se. I was wondering what you are doing to reach your goal. BTW... I love the charm bracelet reward system! Great motivation.

Anyway, I'd like to invite you to join a web site called It's a totally FREE web site geared towards healthier living (weight loss, maintaining, exercise, etc.). It has been a wonderful resource for me and I couldn't speak more highly of it. It allows me to literally track every morsel that passes through my lips. You'd be surprised at how those calories add up even with the tiniest of bites. Also... you can track fitness minutes. I've not been a very active person in the last ten years... so finding something to really get me motivated has been a chore. To date, I have lost 34 lbs. Not a lot considering... but, enough that I have finally noticed and have been feeling better about myself.

Well... I seem to be just going on and on. So.... if you'd like to see what SparkPeople is all about... and/or would be interested in having another weight loss support buddy... you can start by learning a little bit about me on my SparkPage! Hope to see you there! Oh... and, if not... that's okay, too. You will do fabulous just the same!

Mich (aka Mama2dapperboyJ)