Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2:30 AM - She'll be sleeping through the night when??

I'm very interested in what 'normal' people eat. I made a New Year's Resolution at the beginning of 2007 to stop dieting. My therapist, social worker and dietitian were all so proud of me! I mean, I'd been dieting all my life and look where it had gotten me. They said losing weight was not about dieting. It was about normalizing my eating habits. So I took the year off...and gained about 30 lbs. I guess simply not dieting wasn't the answer after all.

Whenever I try to watch what I'm eating, I do alright for the first little while. But then I get pissy that I can't eat what I want, when I want like everyone else. It's beginning to occur to me that perhaps "everyone else" isn't eating whatever they want. Perhaps thin people, too, would like to eat a pint of ice cream in the middle of the night. But they don't...because who the hell does that? Yep, you got it. Fat people.

So, if there happen to be any non-fat people reading this, let me know what YOU eat. What's a normal lunch? Do you have a night time cut off time for eating or do you naturally just not want to eat at night? Or do you go ahead and eat in the middle of the night if you're hungry? What do you have? Are you all REALLY drinking that much water? Can I keep the double cream in my coffee? It's the best part!

I'm going back to bed now. Posting here has helped me immensely. I'm still hungry, but I've had some water and will just have to have a big (healthy) breakfast in the morning.


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Jessica said...

Saw the link to your blog on BC. I hope you don't mind if I book mark you. I'm right beside you on needing to lose weight. Good luck and let me know when and how you need support.