Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who's looking at you?

I go to a local weight loss support group on Wednesday evenings. It's not a diet; it's just a group of people (mostly women) trying to lose weight. I've been going for about five weeks now (well, I missed two weeks but I've been in the group for five) and I have to say that I'm liking it so far. You get weighed, there are "stars" given out for milestone pounds lost and every week there's a new guest speaker. They bring in doctors, nurses, personal trainers, name it. Last night's speaker was a psychologist who spoke about the Spotlight Effect. The essence of this talk was that even though you think everyone is looking at you and judging you, they're more than likely not. They don't care. They're just not that into you! I have to admit I'm guilty of this. I think people at work are looking at me every day thinking about my size. And while they might think about it once in awhile, they're hardly thinking, "Oh, here comes FATTY FATTY TWO BY FOUR!" every time I walk in the door. At least I hope not.

So anyway, I was down a total of 4.2 yesterday. I'm happy, but I'm trying not to focus too much on the numbers. Although, I think I'm going to look online for a charm bracelet, the dangly kind, and some charms for a reward system for myself. I've always wanted one of those things and I figure if I reward myself with a new charm for every five pounds lost, I'll have quite the bracelet by the time I get to 100 lbs.

I'm going to go and find a ticker too.

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